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Mental Toughness and Police Behaviour

Case Study: Mental Toughness and Police Behaviour

Case Study: Mental Toughness and Police BehaviourThe Client: A Police Force in the UK. The Challenge: Police performance and behaviour is of continued critical interest.  Of particular interest is police officer’s willingness to participate in stop and search activities, regardless of the risks involved in such actions. This study assessed police officers stop and search behaviour whilst on…

Developing Mental Toughness in Leadership

Case Study: Developing Mental Toughness in Leadership

Case Study: Developing Mental Toughness in Leadership The Client Refinery Leadership is a consulting firm which designs, delivers, and measures initiatives to develop and grow leaders. The Challenge It had recently hired a number of consultants to build capacity for further growth. A concern however was the low level of confidence seen in many of…

Mental Toughness and it’s Origins?

Mental Toughness and it’s OriginsThe concept of mental toughness is relatively new and has its origins in academic research and in sport.  The origins of mental toughness in sport were pioneered through the work of the American sports psychologist Dr. Jim Loehr of the Human Performance Institute who assisted many champion athletes including the grand…

Is the 4C’s Mental Toughness Model Current

Is the 4C’s Mental Toughness Model Current?

Is the 4C’s Mental Toughness Model Current? “Mental Toughness is a personality trait, which determines, in large part, how individuals deal with stressors, pressure and challenge…irrespective of the prevailing situation.” Douglas Strycharczyk & Prof Peter Clough. The definition above of Mental Toughness and the 4C’s framework highlighted in the image below fits in well with…

Why is Mental Toughness Important

Why is Mental Toughness Important?

Why Mental Toughness Is Important?Mental Toughness is vitally important on 2 levels: 1 – Mental Toughness explains why people and organisations behave the way they do. Personality can be defined as an individual’s characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting and one’s personality can explain individual differences and how individuals act in specific situations. Mental…

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