Managing Your Confidence Levels

Managing Your Confidence Levels

What is confidence? Well we look at it in two ways:

Confidence in Abilities - This describes an interesting relationship with abilities.  It is possible to have a lot of ability and still feel under confident.  This often means that these individuals do not perform as well as they might because they do not use all of their ability.  Sometimes, though, we find those with what could be classed as ordinary levels of ability who have a vastly inflated view of their abilities.  The optimum position will be to have ability and be confident that you have it – which refers to self-belief.

Interpersonal Confidence - Similarly, performance and wellbeing can often be determined by the way people deal with challenge or criticism.  Interpersonal confidence reflects the ability to deal confidently with challenge from others.  Those with good interpersonal confidence are likely to be better at promoting themselves and the things they represent.  They are good at dealing positively with people and tend to be more assertive, be better at dealing with difficult people and will be more comfortable in social settings.

Now that you have a better understanding of what confidence is below are a range of tasks designed to help you manage your confidence levels:

Task 1: On a piece of paper make a note of three tasks when you feel highly confident and three tasks that you lack confidence.

Task 2: Please describe when you completed one of the tasks confidently what happened? Work through each of the 4 areas below:

THOUGHTS: What you were thinking

FOCUS: What you focused on

FEELINGS: How you felt

PHYSIOLOGY: What other people would notice about your body language

Task 3: Now if you were tackling a situation that you lacked confidence, how do you behave? Go ahead repeat task 2 for this type of situation.

Task 4: What advice would you give yourself having reflected on these situations.  Go on create two actions for going forward... You can do it!

If you have difficulty with these tasks, try it with a friend, colleague or partner they'll be in a great position to raise your self-awareness levels even more so that you can make positive steps forward.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to learn other ways to improve your confidence.

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