In high performance professional sport, the stakes are high, where athletes are under extreme pressure to perform well or they may lose funding. Additionally, they receive serious scrutiny from the media, invading their personal lives. Day in day out this can take its toll. Likewise, executives and senior leaders have tremendous pressure to deliver successful outcomes……

To Achieve Your Aims and Objectives Faster

This service is directed towards entrepreneurs and small business owners who are seriously motivated to succeed and recognize that they can learn a great deal from high performance professional sport.

After conducting many case studies, David recognises that in business and life people can be their own worst enemies on occasions.  Where they have a tendency to get too comfortable and stuck in unhelpful habits.  Is that you?

It is also common for people, especially when under pressure, to become over-critical and waste precious emotional resources and energy on things that are insignificant.  Is that you?

Similar to successful athletes it is imperative for entrepreneurs and small business owners to have solid foundations in place so that they perform well consistently.  The services offered will help you build those foundations or reflect on the foundations that you have in place, and refine them.

David supports entrepreneurs and small business owners by helping you:

  • Control the factors that influence your behaviour and performance so that you feel that you can achieve what you set out to
  • Improve your focus when approaching targets and goals
  • Helping you handle and achieve things you thought were impossible under extreme stress
  • Put in place a better work-life blend
  • Become better at how you respond to change, challenges and obstacles
  • Helping you get out of your comfort zone
  • Improve your communication or presentation skills
  • Manage your energy levels
  • And hugely importantly, achieve your goals quickly!

One 2 One Confidential Support

David can offer a variety of options on a One to One basis to help you move forward and improve your performance or well-being.  Personalised High Impact Performance Improvement Programmes Packages are tailored to meet your personal requirements:

High Touch Options

A personal service is offered where you can improve your mindset with face to face consultations at your place of work, home or at an agreed meeting place.  Contact time can vary between 6 – 72 hours.

Low Touch Options

For people with busy lifestyles there’s also the option to work with David via SKYPE. Your progress will be monitored on a regular basis and David will make adjustments to your personalised training programme where applicable. All programmes will be paced to suit the individual.

Fast solution based opportunities are also available to meet your needs:

Business Leadership M.O.T’s

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner who is looking to gain a BOOST to your personal or organisation’s performance the “Business Leadership MOT” is perfect for you.  Click here for more details on the Business Leadership MOT Process.

Business Resilience M.O.T’s

If you or your business is going through a period of change? Perhaps, in your home life or due to forced changes in the way you work.  There is large chance that a period of under-performance can set in which then may lead to financial consequences, additional stress and possibly health concerns.  When harnessed effectively, mental toughness is a psychological ingredient that many successful business owners have in abundance.  Learn how to develop this much needed quality and see how you manage life and work stresses much better.  Click here for more details on the Business Resilience MOT Process.

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