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Grit: The Power of Passion and Perserverance – Angela Lee Duckworth

GritThis excellent video on TED talks, Angela Duckworth talks about GRIT and why it is a predictor of success.  This has many parallels with our work on mental toughness. If you would like to understand more about the overlaps between Grit and Mental Toughness please feel free to get in touch. David Charlton, Mental Toughness…

Managing Your Confidence Levels

Managing Your Confidence Levels

Managing Your Confidence LevelsWhat is confidence? Well we look at it in two ways: Confidence in Abilities – This describes an interesting relationship with abilities.  It is possible to have a lot of ability and still feel under confident.  This often means that these individuals do not perform as well as they might because they…

Do you want to be an achiever

Do You Want to be an Achiever?

Commitment: Do you want to be an achiever?Commitment is a measure of how and why we set goals.  It represents an aspect of mindset that determines what your default response is when asked to do something. People tend to respond in different ways: I’ll go for it. I will accept the challenge I’ll do what…

Internal Responses to Challenge

Internal Responses to Challenge

Internal Responses to ChallengeChallenge represents any activity that is perceived to be as out of the ordinary and which involves something that is stretching to an individual.   Challenge can come in various forms: – It could be some form of change where the individual is being asked to stop carrying out some habitual activity.…

Improve Your Work Life Blend

Improve Your Work Life Blend

Improving your work life blend“You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.” ― Heather Schuck How true is this statement? Today there are ever increasing demands and pressures placed on employees at work which can challenge their mental health.  Consider when you work additional hours in the workplace or…

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