Case Study: Mental Toughness in Sales

Mental Toughness in Sales

The Client:

An experienced sales executive for an energy saving organisation.

The Challenge:

The client had been in his role for 3 years however during the past 6 months he had seen his figures nosedive where he was struggling to get anywhere near his targets.  He was not used to this as he previously had been one of the organisations top performers therefore his confidence had taken a huge dent.

The Objectives:

  • Take him back to understand the processes he worked through during his best performing months
  • To increase his confidence when presenting to prospects.
  • To help him stay calm and composed during the selling process.
  • To support him during a stressful life event to help change his focus.

The Process:

Over a 6-month period we had 12 hours contact time including:

  • A detailed Mental Toughness analysis at the start and end of the programme
  • A psychological well-being assessment
  • Skype sessions to focus on improving his levels of emotional and life control integrating useful psychological skills and coping strategies
  • Email communication with worksheets designed to develop his confidence

The Outcomes:

The client had a better understanding of how he performed at his best and incorporated process goals to aid his focus.  He was better able to manage his emotions, taking control of himself and situations at work and at home more easily.  Rather than feeling helpless about his situation, which he previously was, he moved into a much better place where he understood what he needed to do feel more confident in himself and achieve his goals.  At home, he found he was more at peace and took up a new hobby to aid relaxation and reduce stress.

The Conclusion

 The 4 C's Mental Toughness framework provided a great platform for us to explore the client's current behaviours and coping strategies.  During the 6 months his sales figures slowly returned back to the levels they were previously, prior to his downturn in results.  His well-being improved dramatically too with the help of some of the interventions used. 

His overall Mental Toughness improved from a 5 to a 7.  With positive increases noticeable for the 2 key areas we worked on confidence (start 5 - end 7) and control (start 6 - end 8).  The key objectives to improve the client's sales results and well-being were met, to his delight and approval.

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