5 Great Benefits of Coaching

5 Great Benefits of Coaching

In 2002 I began a new role as a Business Travel Consultant after working in a variety of customer focused and supervisory roles in the travel industry.  Within 9 months I was promoted to Branch Manager, I was ecstatic at the opportunity.  The position meant my responsibilities were hugely different.  It was a bold move from the company, I was the youngest and least experienced member in the team and I had no formal managerial or leadership training or experience.

Sink or Swim Time

To say my first month was interesting would be an understatement. I began with a team on its knees, badly affected by a recent power struggle by old partners of the company and a recent takeover by our then new owners.  I experienced resignations, hired new members of staff, inducted and trained them to understand our computer systems and company procedures.  As well, I somehow managed to find the time to assist in servicing clients, manage the existing team and take care of financial matters.

Thankfully, the 7 day working weeks, my stress levels, sleepless nights and that sickly feeling of dread I had in the pit of my stomach, every morning eased after the initial tidal waves, and I began to get my feet under the table making strategic decisions about our future direction and how my time would be spent effectively.  I went on to experience and over see another take over, an office move, many changes in personnel, IT systems, an office closure and much more….

Coaching is Hugely Powerful

A frequent pattern I see in my current work is that many people, like myself, are promoted based on their competence in their previous role but they don’t possess managerial and leadership skills when they commence the job.  Some swim, thankfully I did but unfortunately others sink.

A number of years on, after being on the receiving end of quality Business Coaching from, the very knowledgeable and well respected, Tiana Wilson-Buys and personally supporting many managers, business owners and executives I recognize how helpful personal 1-2-1 coaching is.  Also by completing psychometric and profiling tools like the MTQ48, MTQ Plus and i3 with specialist feedback can be a very positive experience.

Coaching has certainly helped many of my clients and would have been great for me, in many different ways, back in those travel management days.  It is likely those 7 day weeks would have been reduced, more time would have been spent with family and friends or on the golf course, and I wouldn’t have experienced that horrible feeling in my stomach.

5 Benefits of Coaching

  1. Optimizes Your Efficiency
  2. Improves Your Health and Well-Being
  3. Improve Your Self-Awareness so You can Adapt Your Approach Quickly.
  4. See Alternative Methods, NO Black or White Thinking.
  5. Gives You the Opportunity to Offload, Open up in a 100% Trusting and Confidential Way.

If you’d like to learn more about Mental Toughness coaching and the impact it could have on your performance or well-being please feel free to get in touch.

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