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Mental Toughness 2 Sources of Burnout

Mental Toughness: 2 Sources of Burnout

Mental Toughness: 2 Sources of BurnoutIn the last few months I’ve had a lot of discussion with clients and associates about preventing burnout and pro-actively managing stressors. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a GP, Head Teacher, IT Professional, a Lawyer or a Small Business Owner you are susceptible to burnout. What is Burnout? It is a…

2 reasons companies fail and how to avoid them – Knut Haanaes

Two reasons companies fail and how to avoid them – Knut HaanaesIn life a balance is very important.  Saying the words ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ can prove easier for some than others.  Often saying NO can achieve a better outcome than saying YES.  This can be the case where saying YES to too many good opportunities…

Why Our Screens Make us less Happy – Adam Alter

Why our screens make us less happy – Adam AlterA person who is Mentally Tough is better able to focus on achieving goals and targets without being distracted too heavily by the constant noise available to us today, thanks to technological advances.  They are better able to set standards and develop routines that help make…

Mental Toughness in Education – Steve Oakes

Mental Toughness in Education – Steve OakesIn this recorded lecture, Steve Oakes talks about the importance of mental toughness in education and how with the 4 Cs framework you can build and develop mental toughness. If you would like to understand more about Mental Toughness development in Educational Institutions please feel free to get in…

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